Watch this video and more on Method Yoga

Watch this video and more on Method Yoga

REV Legs and Hip Intro

REV Interval Training – 14m

Up Next in REV Interval Training

  • REV Full body Intro

    This is a great Intro class for beginners and those interested in challenging but manageable workout. If you need to rest feel free to pause and skip exercises.


    We all athletes. Rev develops the attributes you need to advance by utilizing plyometrics. Plyos are awesome! They help you get higher, faster and stronger and do all those things longer. They also have the added benefit of being an incredibly addictive method for increasing your engine’s R...

  • REV Foundation 1

    Rev is an interval sprint training class designed to shape and target the whole body. This is a low intensity training level to introduce your body to the foundational exercises of this training system. Feel free to skip and rest when needed.

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